COVID Collaboration – An Educational Podcast

This is an educational podcast for teachers, leaders, and educators. Help tell our story. Listen. Share. Like. And reach out to let us know your thoughts!

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Season 2
Episode 1: A Letter to Educators (You are Enough)

Season 1 – Propelled into the future
Episode 1: Where do we even begin?
Episode 2: Allow Yourself Grace (Providing Content)
Episode 3: How to Grade During the Coronavirus
Episode 4: Equity and Voice, A Call for Change

Ways to give:

Thank you to those that donated to the Bay Area schools! Both are fully funded!

A non-profit – Our Fund – is supporting undocumented communities in Oakland, CA. Join other educators in donating some or all of your stimulus to those forgotten in these times.

Why make this educational podcast?

To tell a story of what schools are doing across the country, give a voice to educators, and be a thought partner in their work.

For whom is this educational podcast?

This podcast is for educators that feel isolated and alone at home but are looking for community and inspiration. We commit to telling the story of educators and pursuing the changes needed to provide equitable outcomes for all students. It is a call to action.

First, it is for teachers that are not sure if the work they are doing is reaching all students, for teachers that are struggling emotionally or professionally, or for teachers who just aren’t sure if what they are doing makes sense.

It is for administrators and school leaders making decisions. – schedules, grading, and providing equitable access. For those contemplating SPED requirements or reaching out to community stakeholders.

It is for parents attempting to understand the the moment and wanting to know more about conversations in education.

Finally, it is for myself. To wrap my head around the current world of education and to tell our story. What I hear inspires me, and I am proud to work in education.

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