Episode 3: How to Grade During the Coronavirus

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How do we grade?

What does equitable grading look like? Some districts suggest grades should be pass/ fail. Others say we should continue grading as usual. Others say we shouldn’t grade anything new at all and keep the old scores.

If you are looking for the easy answer to grading, this isn’t the place. What we offer are some unique perspectives from the book “Grading for Equity” written by Joe Feldman and couple of unique perspectives from educators that have grappled with the way we can give students and families feedback instead of or in addition to traditional grades. How are we communicating what students know to families?

Are grades just getting in the way? Let’s just give all students an A? Talk to the families and communities you serve – their voice is often missing!

Hear the thoughts, share your voice, share your story of teaching and learning during the COVID-19. Thanks for being here.

The three featured voices of Episode 3:

  • Melissa Hills – special educator from Wisconsin. (@hills1106)
  • Rori Abernethy – middle school math teacher @ Denman MS, SF, CA
  • Lizzy Dutton – high school math teacher @ Mission HS, SF, CA. (@erdutton)
Recent blog post by Joe Feldman, author of Grading for Equity.

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