Episode 1: Where do we even begin?

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In March, 2020 we got the news that schools would be closed, first for a few weeks and now it seems, indefinitely. We relive the first days and hours of getting the news by talking to educators about their initial thoughts, experience, and wonderings.

Hear the stories of administrators and teachers as we begin the conversation about what school looks like in the time of COVID-19. If you have a story to tell about your experience please comment below or reach out on Twitter @COVIDlearning.

We may be isolated at home but, as always, we are better together.

Let’s collaborate.

Stack of binders and papers teachers packed up to transition to distance learning.
Teachers packed up curriculum, printed work packets, and prepared for distance learning.

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  • Intro/ Outro – Scott Holmes – “Upbeat Party”, Inspiring & Upbeat Music

One thought on “Episode 1: Where do we even begin?”

  1. Casey!

    Great work. Look at your spreading knowledge.

    I know this pandemic is very tough for everyone. It’s a change in lifestyles, economic status, and overall just a change in life. After going onto weeks 2? 3? 4? for some, I think some people need to be recognized.

    First and foremost, ALL of the healthcare workers.

    Secondly, can we give the students/kids an “atta boy” or a “great job?” Not only was the socializing/sports/clubs/etc. taken from the kids, but they are learning on their own! Researching, asking questions, and most importantly learning on their own (some adult supervision required). Students are getting assignments and tests done on their own and need to be recognized for all of the time, effort, and accomplishments they have achieved on their own.

    Lastly, how about a big round of applause for all of the educators? I can’t even imagine what life is like at home for teachers who have a family. They not only expected to lessons/homework/tests/etc. ready for other students, but are home everyday teaching their own kiddos, being available for questions for students and parents while looking into new ways to get information out. Funny thing about educators, day and night they are always educators, even during a pandemic!

    Keep up the great work Casey and all of the educators out there!! Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

    Stay safe. Be safe.


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