Support for Beginning Teachers

The goal of this post is to organize and share different teaching fellowships that equip beginning teachers with the skills, relationships, and support to become skilled educators and leaders at their sites. Please share other opportunities! We can organize and make a long list of ways to give support for beginning teachers.

1. Hollyhock Fellowship Program (U.S.)

Cohorts of teachers attending Hollyhock fellowship.
(photo credit: Stanford Hollyhock website)


  • A 2-year program of professional development
    • ​2 weeks in residence each summer at Stanford University with workshops focused on teaching one’s core content area & examining issues of equity in schools
    • Online coaching sessions throughout each school year with expert practitioners & peers
  • A $2000 stipend for participation
  • Travel, room, and board expenses paid during each summer residency
  • 18 Continuing education units (Each CEU is equivalent to 10 hours of PD)

Requirements – High school in U.S. (English, Math, Social Studies, Science)

  • Between 2-7 years of teaching experience in science, math, history/social science, or English
  • A teaching position at a high school where >50% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch
  • 2-4 other teachers from their same school apply (maximum team size is 5 including applicant)

2. Knowles Teaching Fellowship (U.S.)

Three teachers looking at a computer screen together.


  • Supports early-career teachers for five full years because learning to teach well requires time, effort and resources.
  • Knowles Fellows may be awarded grants to cover expenses associated with purchasing classroom materials and engaging in professional development.
  • Fellows may choose to use half of their allocated funds for stipends. These stipends are intended to help Fellows reduce debts they may have incurred and the financial burden teachers often bear—both of which are factors that contribute to sustainability in the profession.
  • Supports them to plan and reflect on instruction, talks them through challenging professional dilemmas, and supports them through personal challenges. Staff also observe Fellows teach and coach them into improvement that is Fellow directed.

Requirements High school in U.S. (Science and Math)

  • Must be a beginning teacher
  • Not intended for individuals who are pursuing teaching as a way to strengthen a resume. If you are not committed to teaching for at least five years, this Fellowship is not for you.

3. Trellis Teaching Fellowship (Bay Area – CA)

Give a listen to the words from Trellis leadership team.


  • Scholars receive six years of financial and professional support.
  • Five years of mentoring from accomplished math and science teacher mentors.
  • Affinity space with peers to discuss intersection of identity and teaching as an act of social justice.

Requirements Middle school/ high school in Bay Area, CA (Science & Math)

  • Applying or accepted to a partner teacher preparation program (UC-Berkley, SF State University, Sonoma State University)
  • Able and excited to learn to teach in partner, public middle and high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Ready to commit to working in California public schools for the next six years
  • Believe STEM teaching is a form of social justice

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